Liverpool Travel Guide: My Liverpool Itinerary

Things to do in Liverpool

My agenda for Liverpool:

  • Shopping
  • The docks
  • The Tate

And of course:

  • The Cavern Club

When we first arrived in Liverpool, we headed for Liverpool One: a shopping centre filled with huge high street stores, coffee shops and a variety of restaurants. Then, after only a short walk, we reached the Albert Docks which are host to various museums: the Tate (a collection of modern art), The Museum of Liverpool (an interesting look at Liverpool past and present) and of course The Beatles Story to name a few.


Although the Tate was fairly small, it was one of the best art collections I’ve seen.

I finally saw the infamous bed by Tracey Emin! I stood right at the lines and peered over, desperately trying to take in every detail of the controversial piece.


As well as featuring Tracey Emin artwork, the city pays tribute to its most famous exports: The Beatles.

I’d always expected Liverpool to be somewhat Beatles-imprinted but I was stunned by just how much they feature in the city. They were in the Museum of Liverpool,


On a huge poster outside of HMV,


And of course, their songs were performed in the Cavern club.


The cavern club was my favourite thing about Liverpool, it completely exceeded my expectations.


We walked down the flights of stairs and were greeted withย the resident singer playing songs exclusively by acts that had played at the venue.


The atmosphere was amazing, the tables were full of locals and tourists alike, beers in hand, taking in the music. It really is a gem.



Overall, Liverpool is a great city to visit, it has everything: culture, shopping, food, bars, music and of course The Beatles.

I’ll finish my post with a quote which I saw in The Museum of Liverpool by Daniel Defoe- for what he lacks in riveting novel writing (cough Robinson Crusoe cough), he makes up for in quotable speech:


A wonder of Britain, it most certainly is.

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10 thoughts on “Liverpool Travel Guide: My Liverpool Itinerary”

  1. Liverpool sounds amazing!!!
    Last time I was in England I didn’t get a chance to visit – but definitely will next time I visit!!!

    Great piece ๐Ÿ™‚ keep up the awesome work!


  2. Liverpool looks soo interesting to visit! I’ve always wanted to go just because I’m a massive Beatles fan! Thanks for sharing this ๐Ÿ˜€ x

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