Oxford Travel Guide

University campus, high streets, restaurants, markets…

Things to do in Oxford


Walk around the university buildings

Of course Oxford is most famous for its university and when you arrive in Oxford, you’ll see why. The buildings are stunning. Walking around the centre of Oxford you will pass the majority of main university buildings, as the colleges are spread across the city.

Oxford University


Oxford university building
The Bridge of Sighs

Shop and eat

Oxford’s centre is full of high street shops and restaurants.

28033573_10204161979486769_2041821252_o (1)

Including the most beautiful Pret.



Westgate shopping centre is the perfect shopping hub and even has a rooftop terrace with several different restaurants.

Visit the Modern Art Gallery

Entrance to Modern Art Oxford

Oxford’s Modern Art Gallery is free. And tiny. Don’t expect much. It’s got a small shop and cute cafe, but despite its size, the gallery is worth visiting for a exhibit called ‘Speakers’ by Swedish artist Nicolas Party.

Nicolas Party Speakers Oxford museum

Yes. Those are huge heads. Trust me, the exhibit is definitely worth a visit.

Head inside the indoor market


Oxford’s covered market is definitely worth a visit. Inside you’ll find small boutique shops, cafes and… a butcher… be warned, it’s not for the faint hearted!


Overall, Oxford is perfect for a day trip. It’s got beautiful buildings, high street shops, great restaurants, a modern art gallery and…

Wetherspoons Oxford

A great Wetherspoons.


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5 reasons why you should visit Brighton

1. The Pier

Brighton’s pier has to be one of the most photographed places in the whole of Brighton. You’ll no doubt have seen its iconic sign before, and it’s definitely worth seeing for yourself.

2. The Lanes

Brighton is known for The Lanes, a unique group of roads which are filled with bars, restaurants and shops ranging from high street to independent.

3. The Beach

Of course, Brighton is worth visiting for its beach alone. The pebble beach is wide and perfect for sitting on to watch the waves.

4. The seafront

Along the seafront is a variety of small shops and cafes, so there’s plenty to do by the sea.

5. The sunset

Okay, sunsets may be nice everywhere, but can you really beat this?

There’s plenty more reasons why you should visit Brighton. To read what I got up to on my first visit there, click here.

How to Find Cheap Accommodation

One of the biggest questions with travel is the cost. How can you afford it? But, if you look in the right places, travelling doesn’t have to be expensive. After several trips I began to find my favourite websites for finding cheap hotels and apartments, so today I decided to put them all together in a post as a little travel tip list.

How to find cheap accommodation


It’s no secret by now that Airbnb is one of the easiest ways to find cheap accommodation. Airbnb is a website which lists available accommodation according to location, with verified hosts and travellers. Simply enter your destination and it lists all available rooms. These can vary from caravans to single rooms in someone’s house to an outhouse in someone’s garden. There’s a wide variety of room types and locations – even within your preferred area. It’s useful to examine the map location, as some properties are farther out than they initially advertise.

TIP: use the filters to narrow your search – enter your desired price and room type so you don’t have to scour through everything on offer.


I’ve spoken about this website already in my post on how to find cheap flights, which you can read here if you wish. Onthebeach is a really easy to use website, it’s best for package deals, but it totally cuts out the middle man – the travel agent. Because it’s online, you aren’t paying the excess commission, you’re doing the work yourself – but it’s so easy! Simply enter your destination, your desired dates and browse! I’ve found some amazing deals on here, including a five day, all inclusive stay in Crete for £200!

It’s definitely worth a search.


This is the classic cheap option when travelling, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Hostels are a great option if you’re planning on spending full days out sightseeing and just want the basics. I’ve seen hostels as cheap as £6 a night for some destinations – and I’m sure cheaper prices exist. Don’t splurge – this is a totally budget option, it’s worth hunting around online to find the best value.

Book Last Minute

So this isn’t a website, but this tip is important to find the best deals. To truly find cheap accommodation, you should try booking about a month or two before your trip. Hotels don’t want empty rooms, and by this time they’re slashing prices to fill up. Always try to book as late as you can for the best deals.

(If you can) Avoid School Holidays

From my experience, the cheapest months to travel are usually April and May, but you can find some great deals out of the UK’s holiday season. If you can, always avoid the peak weeks – the school holidays, the end of July until the beginning of September are always the most expensive because of the demand, so definitely try to avoid this period.

And most importantly…

Shop Around

Never book the first deal you find, it is always worth searching around for other deals, so be patient, some deals are hidden.


I hope these tips help with your next trip, if you want to find out about how to book cheap flights, you can read my blog post on it by clicking here.

Free London – Hidden Gems – Little Venice, Paddington

Deep in west London (well, not that deep, or that west) is a small suburban area called Paddington. Yes, it was where Paddington Bear was found, and the reason he was named Paddington, but it also hosts one of London’s hidden gems, which is free to visit.


Within and next to huge office blocks are restaurants, cafes and large fake-grass covered steps, which are actually perfect to sit and people watch from.


Little Venice is a small canal which filters through Paddington. It’s filled with house boats and is surrounded by canal-side restaurants and coffee shops, which as you can see, are lit up at night.


Little Venice is a summer haven because of its waterside, outdoor seats but is also perfect for winter. Each restaurant has glowing outside fairy lights and toasty, warm interiors.


For a free experience of Little Venice, simply walk along the canal, day or night time. Unlike the majority of London, the canal walk isn’t heaving with people – at night it’s actually positively peaceful, apart from the odd bicycle rider who may scoot past. Bright lights beam across the water and huge, white wash, millions of pounds- Paddington houses loom over the canal.


Despite its lack of publicity, Paddington truly does host London’s answer to Venice, Little Venice is well worth an evening stroll or a romantic meal.

Bournemouth Travel Guide

Bournemouth is the place to go for a classic British sea front. It may not have the most busy and thriving town and nightlife, but its huge stretch of golden sand more than make up for its calm streets. Don’t get me wrong, Bournemouth is far from derelict, it’s filled with chain restaurants and shops and a beautiful garden leading from the town to the beach, but it’s definitely a calm place. There’s not much of a hustle and bustle here, granted, we were out of season, but for a break, Bournemouth is the perfect place.

Bournemouth’s huge beachfront is lined with hundreds of multi coloured beach huts which can be hired out when you visit.


Bournemouth’s beach is the ultimate relaxing destination, it’s a place to truly unwind and lay back from the bustle of a city.



On a windier day, if you’re feeling active, you can squeeze into a wet suit and join surfers, as Bournemouth has some huge waves.


With such an inviting seafront, of course you can eat with a sea view and Bournemouth restaurants perfect for foodies.


A huge Harry Ramsden’s restaurant sits seafront for all of your fish and chip needs, or for something a little further a field, walk across the seafront towards Boscombe, to the Urban Reef Seafront Restaurant, a charming place full of character with a great view of the seafront.

Or for something a little more ordinary, head into the town, especially if you’re a literature buff.


Yes, a Wetherspoons named after Mary Shelley herself.


If you’re looking for a relaxing British escape, Bournemouth is a laid-back, calm option that you should definitely consider. A day or two here is enough to see the sights and to have a few long seafront sits. It’s more than worth a visit.


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Cambridge Travel Guide

Cambridge is one of the most quintessentially British towns in the country. It’s a British tourist’s haven, it’s got a city and countryside combined feel.


The town is filled with classic British architecture, with black and white buildings and Tudor style buildings. The city also contains many large, grand Cambridge University buildings which are spread out across the city. You can visit some of these buildings and go on tours of the university campus.



Despite its historic look, Cambridge definitely has a city feel, there’s a large shopping centre and many small winding streets filled with everything from high street shops to small independent stores. Expect chain and individual restaurants and a range of coffee shops and bars.



Of course Cambridge is famous for its punt tours along the river Cam, so if it’s warm enough when you visit, definitely take a trip, there’s lots of tour guides and people standing advertising the tours, so you can easily book your trip when you arrive.

There’s also a great Wetherspoons which is well worth a visit for a cheap drink at the end of the day.


Have you ever been to Cambridge? It’s the perfect city to get that classic British feel.

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Top 5 Things to do in Rome

Rome is arguably the most romantic city in the world, but whether you’re travelling with your other half or alone, I’ve compiled the 5 best things to do in the city of Rome.

  1. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain

This was my favourite experience of my whole time in Rome. You can hear the fountain before you see it, and when you see it… it is so beautiful.


Of course you have to throw a coin in the fountain, two, in fact, traditionally one coin is for love and one is to hope that one day you will return to Rome.


And while you’re in the area…

2. Sample some of the Italian food

Of course, Rome is full of Italian restaurants, and of course you have to try the food in the most authentic place.




3. Wander around the city

This may seem obvious, but to get the feel of a city you have to have a wander around the centre of it.




4. Visit the Colosseum

Rome is famous for its colosseum and it is truly spectacular to see. Snap some pictures during your walk towards it.



5. Enter Vatican City

Obviously, this is technically not in Rome, but if you are in Rome, Vatican City is a must see.


Whether you’re a Catholic or not, or a Protestant or not, or religious or not, you should definitely visit St Peter’s Basilica, it’s free to enter and is a truly stunning building.

St Peter's Basilica




What are your favourite places to visit in Rome?

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Top 5 Things to do in Barcelona

During the summer I was lucky enough to visit Barcelona. Barcelona is a cultural hub, with endless things to do, but here’s the best five I’ve experienced.

1. Watch the Magic Fountain

The Magic Fountain Barcelona


Hundreds of people gather to watch the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. As loud music plays, the water lights up and if you’re sat close enough, you even feel a light spray.



Head here to watch the sunset and be in awe of such a beautiful experience. Get there early, as the area quickly fills up with people. But the crowd and wait is more than worth it.

2. Visit Tibidabo

Tibidabo is one of Barcelona’s hidden gems. As you make your way around the city, you can see a tall spire and castle-like building up atop of a huge mountain – that’s Tibidabo.


Religion and amusements combine here as an enormous church is adjacent to an amusement park with views over the whole city.



3. Walk through the city

A fairly obvious one, but for the Barcelona experience, you have to walk the streets. Head to Las Ramblas for one of the main tourist hubs, with markets and street performers lining the streets.




4. Shop

Head over to Maremagnum shopping centre for all of your retail needs. And whilst you’re there…


5. Watch boats at the harbour

Next to the Maremagnum shopping centre is a large harbour filled with boats, the perfect location for a post-shopping wander.


Honorable mentions:

Barcelona Beach

The beach is definitely worth a visit but it can be incredibly busy. The beach can also be full of people trying to sell things to tourists – illegally, so definitely watch out for that.


Have you been to Barcelona? What are your favourite spots?


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Travelling on a Budget: How to find Cheap Flights – the best websites

Whether it’s a holiday or a year of travel, these websites will help you save money on your travel.

Sky Scanner:

Sky Scanner is a website which compares hundreds of flights so you can find the cheapest deal.

How to find cheap flights


How to use:

  1. Enter your departing airport
  2. Enter your destination
  3. Instead of entering specific dates – select the entire month
  4. Look at the flights available throughout the month and select the cheapest

Yes, it’s really that simple!

Great for:

  • Any holiday
  • Finding the cheapest deal



Ice lolly is a package holiday website which offers some of the best accommodation and flight deals.

How to find cheap flights

How to use:

  1. Decide whether you’re looking for a package deal or only flights or hotels
  2. Enter your destination
  3. Enter your departing airport
  4. Choose your dates

Great for:

  • Summer holidays
  • Beach holidays
  • Last minute deals


On The Beach offers some of the best holiday package deals on the web.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 10.35.05

How to use:

  1. Decide whether you want a package deal or only flight or hotel
  2. Type in your destination
  3. Type in your departing airport
  4. Enter your dates

Great for:

  • Summer breaks
  • Flights or accommodation

The next time you’re booking a trip, look at these websites for the best deals.


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The Ultimate Edinburgh Travel Guide

The top free things to do in Edinburgh.

I recently travelled to Edinburgh, somewhere I have been desperate to visit for as long as I can remember. After scouring Trip Advisor and many travel blogs for the best things to do in Edinburgh, I compiled my itinerary and have written this blog to inform you of my favourite free things to do in Edinburgh.

Walk Down The Royal Mile and The High Street

The Royal Mile and Edinburgh’s High Street are essentially one long combined street, walk from one end to the other to explore coffee shops, quirky cafes and Scottish stores alike. A highlight of The Royal Mile is its indoor market complete with stunning stained-glass windows and stalls.





Walk up to Edinburgh Castle

After walking from the Royal Mile to the High Street, continue straight to reach Edinburgh Castle. Although you have to pay to enter, you can stand outside of the castle for free and marvel at its bemusing exterior. The walk up to the castle also consists of charming cobbled streets and Scottish memorabilia shops.



Walk Up Calton Hill

Calton Hill is a hill near Princes Street which consists of a short walk up to stunning views over the whole city. Hundreds of people sit, walk and relax on the hill.





Sit on Princes Street Gardens

Speaking of Princes Street, by all means visit the main street for a splurge in the expensive retail shops but don’t miss Princes Street Gardens, a large green park with winding paths and huge sprawling trees.



Visit Harry Potter hotspots

It’s a well known fact that JK Rowling started writing Harry Potter in Edinburgh and her initial inspiration is still evident across the city. Walk down Victoria Street to see what inspired Diagon Alley.



Head to The Elephant House Cafe to see where Rowling began writing the Harry Potter story. Filled with tourists, don’t worry about getting inside, being able to stand outside and see where such an iconic book series began is truly magical.



Walk up Arthur’s Seat

Arthur’s Seat is the main peak in a groups of hills in Edinburgh. There are several paths up to the peak but the quickest is to walk along Queen’s Drive and then follow a trail walk up a steep set of steps. Be warned, this is no easy walk but it’s well worth it.





So those are my top free things to do in Edinburgh. Edinburgh has definitely been one of my top travel experiences over the past year, I loved the traditional feel and historic atmosphere. It’s well worth visiting. Have you ever been to Edinburgh? What is your favourite thing to do there? Let me know in the comments and look out for my next post on my most recent trip!


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