David Tennant as Hamlet review

Gregory Doran’s Hamlet TV movie (2009) stars national treasure David Tennant. The film breaks the fourth cinematic wall as the characters speak directly into camera. Meaning Hamlet’s monologues are all the more emotional as Tennant performs them directly to you, the audience. The actor’s natural energy and enthusiasm are brought to the brooding, melancholic character […]

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Rae Earl, I love you

Every so often I discover a new powerful woman who is often involved in writing somehow and I become a little obsessed. This time it’s Rae Earl. I started watching My Mad Fat Diary back when everyone else did, when the first series was on tv. I immediately felt a deep connection with Rae and […]

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Queen Moss’s return

Fashion queen Kate Moss has announced that she will be collaborating with Topshop once again for Spring/Summer ‘14. Moss first collaborated with the brand back in 2007. When she launched the collection by becoming a human mannequin in the window of the Oxford Street store, greeting thousands of fans gathered outside. Moss worked on 14 […]

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Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

I have been a fan of Taylor Swift since the first time I ever heard ‘Love Story’ back in 2009/2010. Since then I’ve bought every album of hers and more recently; her perfume. When it comes to perfumes I feel I am difficult to impress. In the past I have only really liked a Mary-Kate […]

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