Why I love peppermint tea

Over the past year I have started drinking peppermint tea. I love that it’s completely caffeine free, because you can have a comforting, hot drink without the caffeine rush.  However, the tea also has many health benefits.  Peppermint tea’s main benefit is soothing stomachs. It’s known to help with irritable bowel syndrome, stomach pain and […]

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What is Hygge?

Autumn saw the rise of the Brits adopting ‘Hygge’ from the Danes. Hygge, pronounced ‘Hoo-gah’ (apparently) is being mentioned more and more in British culture and is something I have a huge interest in.  ‘Hygge’ doesn’t exactly translate to anything in English. It’s closest translation may be ‘cosy’. But in Denmark, it’s everywhere. Hygge coffee […]

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Birthday Blog

As some of you may know, yesterday was my 20th birthday! I had a lovely day and decided to upload a photo blog of what I got up to.  A walk and shop around Covent Garden A walk around Trafalgar Square Dinner on the Thames And a walk along the Thames to end the night

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