The problem with a ‘Summer Body’

‘Kick start your summer bikini body’, ‘are you beach body ready?’

Just some of the recurring phrases based around summer weight loss. Year after year we’re marketed to work towards a ‘summer body’, ‘bikini body’ or ‘beach body’, but I can’t help but have major issues with these phrases.

If a ‘beach body’ is about losing weight or even toning your body, then what is the explanation behind this?  Is sand a judgemental force that eyes up jiggly bits? And the sea some heckler ready to launch verbal abuse?

There shouldn’t be these body pressures and expectations that arise in the summer. If working on your physical health is something you aspire to, then do it for you, when you want to and on your terms. Don’t buy into the pressure of a bikini body. Wear your bikini. The best bodies are the confident ones and we can all feel confident in our skin, when we take care of ourselves on our own terms.

Ultimately, I despise the pressure that comes with summer. Is everyone really supposed to look like these photoshopped instagrammed celebrity bodies? Why? What’s it all for?

For me, exercise is about its psychological benefits as well as its physical. Looking after your body and mind surely takes priority over your physical appearance. If you want to exercise, do it for your health, not to lose 10 pounds to go to beach or lie by the pool, you look good as you are, right now. You are summer body ready.


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