Travel Guide: Stratford Upon Avon

On a sunny half term day, an English Literature student approaches Stratford Upon Avon, the iconic birthplace of Shakespeare and now a town that’s dedicated to its literary heritage.

The medieval town boasts historic architecture in busy, modern high-streets filled with everything from designer shops to unique Stratford-exclusive stores.

The town’s river provides picturesque views with boats available for hire (although, my experience includes my boat breaking down in the middle of the river).

The town is a Shakespeare fan’s dream featuring his birthplace, Anne Hathaway’s cottage, the Globe theatre and statues of some of his most famous characters.

A broody-looking Hamlet statue
A far less broody David Tennant as Hamlet

A visit to Stratford Upon Avon is a visit filled with cute cafès, bespoke shops, calming views and literary history. The perfect day out.


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