Estèe Lauder Illuminator Review

A few weeks ago, when I made my regular trip to buy my newest Double Wear foundation, an Estèe Lauder rep told me that if I bought any two products, I’d get a selection of Estèe Lauder products to try for free! Obviously I snapped the offer, stocked up on my usual foundations and tried out my newbies. One of which was this, the Estèe Lauder Illuminator Primer and Finisher.


I didn’t know anything about this product but after Googling, I realised that not many people were fans of it. Apparently, as a primer, the product doesn’t really show up well. So I didn’t bother with that. Instead, I have been using the product on top of my makeup, to add a dewy look.


The forumla looks like this:



As you can see, the product definitely adds a skin-glow! Although, I have to admit, this isn’t my favourite product in the world. It gives a nice shimmer at first but once it’s dried onto your skin, the glow is all of a distant memory. So much so that I’ve actually been wearing a powder highlight over the top of this product.


Although this product is silky and definitely gives a desirable glow, it just doesn’t last long enough. If you’re willing to top up your highlight throughout the day, this is worth the investment. But if you’re not, don’t bother with this product. I love Estèe Lauder, but unfortunately this product doesn’t quite cut it for me.


Are there any products that you think don’t live up to the mark? Leave them in the comments below!


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