Free as a Bird: Symbolic Jewellery

Recently, during a trip to Liverpool I had a moment of total bliss. With the university semester over and no job commitments at the time, I felt totally and utterly free.

On a total whim, when looking in one of my favourite shops (Topshop, if you’re interested) I bought this necklace.


unnamed (1)

The flying bird became massively symbolic to me. On that day in Liverpool, I felt as free as the flying bird, without the pressures of any responsibilities.

unnamed (2)

(It’s even labelled ‘FREEDOM’ as part of the Freedom collection at Topshop).

As I approach a work-filled summer, I have the comfort of wearing my necklace to remind  myself that no matter how stressful life gets, there will always be periods like that rainy day in Liverpool when I feel totally and utterly free.

unnamed (3)

From now on, I will always have this necklace as a reminder of that day, and I am so grateful for it.


4 thoughts on “Free as a Bird: Symbolic Jewellery

  1. That’s lovely Amy. Like you said you will always have that necklace to remind you of your peace and freedom of that day. xxxx

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