Crete Travel Guide

Isn’t that moment just the best. When you take that first step out of the aeroplane in a different country and the heat just hits you in the face. The wave of sun greets you and welcomes you to a warmer, brighter country than your own. Well that didn’t happen in Crete.

A late flight meant tired eyes, darkness and a temperature that was far from impressive. The real heat-hit came the next morning. Walking from our hotel room, past the shaded building and into the blaring sun. This was it, five days of pure sun-filled bliss.


We stayed in an area called Platanias which seemed to consist of a huge multiple-miles long strip filled with the hustle and bustle of shops, bars and restaurants as well as an equally long beach front.


Despite staying all inclusive at our hotel, I did notice that drink and restaurant prices were fairly affordable, despite the low pound-to-Euro rate, at around €20-€30 euro for a meal for two people and around €5 for your average pint.

The strip could keep you occupied for hours or just a ten minute walk. Although the shops were all different, I’d define a lot of them as ‘all sort’ shops- they had everything from bread to adidas trainers. Although EVERY shop had one must-have item on holiday. Sunglasses. There were plenty of ‘designer’ choices from Chanel to Gucci- all for €5! (The question of whether they’re genuine or not is another matter).


Platanias is perfect for a short, relaxing break. It’s amazing value, it’s got sun, sea, bars at the beach and plenty of shops that provide hours of browsing time. For your next holiday, consider Crete and more specifically, consider Platanias.



8 thoughts on “Crete Travel Guide

  1. These pictures are beautiful! The water looks so clear and blue. And I know that wonderful feeling of stepping off a plane to somewhere new.. always so exciting! Especially when the weather is entirely different!

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