Which makeup item do I never use?

As you will know, I am someone who loves makeup. I’ve always been obsessed with finding the best products and trying new things out. But there has always been one makeup item that I cannot get to grips with. 

Blusher! I have never ever liked blusher. I went through a mini stage of using a tiny amount about a year ago but I didn’t keep the habit. For some reason I just don’t get along with blusher! 

Because my skin is naturally quite pink and red- I actually try to cover my colour with foundation- so using blusher to add colour feels pointless to me. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love blusher on other people- I think it can look so beautiful. But for some reason, it has never become a part of my everyday makeup routine. 

What’s a beauty item that you’ve never got to grips with? 


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