Things that make me smile

Today I decided to remind myself of some things that always make me smile. 

Fresh, crisp bed sheets

There’s nothing better than a freshly washed and made bed with crisp sheets. 


In our flat, whenever we light candles, my mood is instantly lifted. My favourite is this Yankee candle: 

As you can see, there’s only the tiniest bit left of this candle because we’ve used it so much! It smells amazing and always makes me smile. 


I think everyone feels this- seeing a fresh bunch of flowers that is just for you is so lovely!

Good food

I am a self confessed foodie and I’m obsessed with good food- scratch that, I’m obsessed with eating good food. Food always makes me smile. 


Putting on comfy pyjamas at the end of the day always makes me smile. There’s something so relaxing about wearing soft, comfy clothing. 

What has been making you smile recently?


6 thoughts on “Things that make me smile

  1. Good food for sure.

    My cats make me smile. They can be heathen brats at times but they’re my “kids”. Any time I go to Disney I’m smiling like I slept with a coat hanger in my mouth. 😂

  2. I love the idea of this blog post omg so cute!! I agree with all of your things, they make me smile too haha.. Especially fresh bed sheets. They are the best thing in the world, I always sleep so so well the first night after I have changed my sheets 😍

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