Beauty Empties

Today I thought I’d upload and talk about some of my latest beauty empties. 

First are these Primark Beauty Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes. These actually only cost £1 for two packs but in short… they’re terrible. The wipes pull apart and are so dry that it’s so hard to get your makeup off. These aren’t really worth buying. 

Next is this Collection Lasting Perfection concealer- as you can see, I’ve used this so much that the writing has rubbed off. But although the writing might not have much staying power- the concealer is great. 

I use it in shade 1 Fair and the pale tone gives my eyes a light glow, whilst the formula provides a great coverage over any dark circles or miscolouring. And it only costs £3.99!

My next empty isn’t technically empty- but it’s the pencil equivalent of empty. 

This is my favourite kohl eyeliner by Gosh which is the best pencil eyeliner I have ever used- and I’ve tried a lot. It’s perfectly soft and defined- and only costs £4.49. 

My next empty is the Benefit They’re Real mascara which is my priciest empty in this post and currently costs £20.50 at Boots. Despite its price- this is by far my favourite mascara, it gives you perfectly long lashes and is great at separating those undesirable mascara clumps. 

I still use the brush now even though it’s dry to separate and extend my lashes. 

My final empty is the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara which is currently £7.99 at Superdrug. I love this mascara, it gives you the ultimate lengthy lashes. 

The curved brush is also perfect for reaching every angle of your eyelashes. 

So those are my current beauty empties! I hope you enjoyed reading about these products, let me know if you’ve ever tried any of these in the comments. 


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