University: Pros and Cons

Arguably the most defining experience of my life has been university. Throwing myself in at the deep end in a new place, with new people in a new environment has definitely shaped who I am and will certainly shape who I will become. But like everything, university comes with its pros and cons. 


I know it’s usually ‘pros and cons’ but I can’t end a blog post on the negativity of ‘cons’, so it’s cons first. 


Naturally, this is the biggest turn off about university. There are huge issues with the government’s system of university loans and the debt of a degree is constantly looming. 


Like all education, university is filled with stress: deadlines, rent and the ‘real’ world that you’re suddenly thrown into as a student are stressful. But really, this is inescapable. A lot of things worth working towards are stressful. 

Missing home:

I’ve definitely been homesick at university. It can be hard to feel so far away from home and everything you’ve ever known, but it does get easier. 


Time to get a bit more positive. 

Living somewhere new:

If you’re lucky enough to move away for university, you will understand the excitement of living somewhere completely new. Yes, you’ll miss home, but it’s so thrilling to be able to discover a new place. 


I think it’s often underestimated how enjoyable it is to actually learn something. Obviously, I don’t enjoy absolutely every aspect of the subject I study, but the majority of it really does interest me. I love learning about writers, the influence of texts and the questions a text creates.  

Community feel:

I currently study at a campus university, which means that all of the university buildings are on a separate space to the public streets. This basically means that my university feels like it’s own independent community, separate from the outside world. There’s a real student feel here and I love it.  

Like everything, there’s pros and cons to university, but ultimately it’s a once in a lifetime experience. University has it cons, but it’s so worth it. 


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