Things Today’s Generation Will Never Experience

Today I’m feeling rather nostalgic and am thinking about what today’s youth will never experience. 

Music cassettes and VHS tapes

Putting a tape into a tape player and actually having to listen to it all of the way through… and then turning the tape over for the other side. 


This was the best Nintendo game ever, looking after your very own dogs that never ever seemed to die… you could leave that game for a year and go back and the dogs would just need a drink and food.

Toxic waste sweets

I have actually seen these in a shop recently but I can very vividly remember having a phase with these. They were the most disgusting sweets you will ever taste… at first. The outer layer is extremely sour but once you get below that, they were normal sweets. 

Flickr- Andrew Stawarz

MSN messenger

This was probably the most defining thing of my childhood. Sitting at the computer for hours chatting and video chatting to people. MSN was pure drama. Why is that person ‘busy’? Why am I not in their MSN name? Why isn’t my crush online?

Twitter: @MSNmesenger

Landline phone calls

Before you had a mobile, calling your best friends on the landline and speaking all evening about your day at school together. 

Classic Disney Channel

I’m talking That’s so Raven, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, High School Musical and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Those were the days…


Classic CBBC shows

Get your own back, Dick and Dom in da bungalow, TMI, the Queen’s nose, The Story of Tracy Beaker, Raven! Classics. 


Having credit on your phone

None of us had phone contracts as a kid- you had to top up at shops with credit and texts were 10p each. You only texted your best friends, you rarely made a phone call and god forbid you accidentally pressed on the web browser…

Flickr- retrowow

Making your Christmas and birthday lists in the Argos catologue

The best moment ever was scouring those pages for everything you wanted. 

Flickr- Anthony Voz

Sadly, these 90s baby experiences will never be experienced by today’s generation. This was long before Facebook and Snapchat filters and Instagram likes… and it was so good. 


8 thoughts on “Things Today’s Generation Will Never Experience

  1. Oh I remember when Disney Channel was a premium/pay channel. For me classic Disney Channel is Mousercise, Pooh Corner, Dumbo’s Circus, DTV, Donald Duck Presents.. and at 9pm they would air movies & concert specials for adults like A Hard Day’s Night, David Bowie’s Black Tie/White Noise concert, etc.

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