Primark Beauty: Lip Liner Review and Colour Swatch

We’ve all heard about Primark’s Beauty ventures and yes it’s cheap- dirt cheap, but is it any good? 

The Primark PS lip liner in Scarlett is a beautiful colour, it’s such a bright vibrant red. 

The liner is quite hard- I applied it all over my lips and it was quite a harsh texture. It’s definitely more of a pencil than a crayon, but it went on okay. 

(Find out about my eyelashes here)

I tried to apply a few layers all over my lips to increase its staying-power and the liner did last fairly well. But after a few hours, the outline of my lips was bright red and the remainder of my lips had faded to a dark pink. 

However, because the liner only costs £1, I think it’s definitely worth buying- the colour is amazing and the staying power is okay, I’d say it will last an hour or two on average. It’s worth a go if you’re okay with re-applying throughout the day. 


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