Ardell Demi Wispies review and try on

I’ve seen so many people wearing these Ardell Demi wispies and I’ve always wanted to try them. 

The ‘wisp’ effect means that the lashes look a little more natural and not so spider-like, as the picture on the packet shows. However, out of all of the eyelashes I’ve worn, the lashes have never actually looked like the picture on the packet. Here’s what they looked like on me:

As you can see, the lashes were very long, but they thin out a little at the tips rather than being thick black lines, so I do think they look more natural than other styles.
The lash glue was intense- if you’re like me and can never get eyelashes on in one go- you will have glued eyelids. I had to pull glue off my lower eyelashes later and it was SO painful. But there was a plus side, the lash glue was so intense that my lashes didn’t fall off despite the windy tube tunnels. 

Overall, these lashes are my favourite pair. They give you perfect, long lashes that don’t look too fake- I love them!


6 thoughts on “Ardell Demi Wispies review and try on

  1. They look so good on you! I actually never use false lashes because I’m the worst with it but I want to try it out again soon to improve my skills. I’ve seen a lot of people wearing these lashes too and maybe these will work for me?! Wish you a lovely week – xo

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