Primark Beauty: Manuka Honey Hydrating hand cream review

After my Primark haul a few days ago, I thought I’d write about one of my favourite items. This Primark Manuka Homey Hydrating hand cream was just £1! Here’s what I think of it:
Firstly, I love the packaging of this hand cream. I’ve seen expensive brands use a similar tube to this and I think it looks like it’s worth much more than £1! The tube contains 30ml so it’s perfect for hand cream top ups on the go. 

The cream smells amazing, it’s so sweet and smells exactly like honey. The formula feels a little sticky at first but it sinks into your hands well and definitely leaves them feeling softer. The only downside of this product I’d say is that you need to use quite a lot of it. I used my usual small amount and it wasn’t enough to cover my whole hand. Although, for £1, I don’t really mind if I run out of it quickly. 

So that’s what I thought of the Primark Manuka Honey hand cream- it smells amazing and leaves your hands feeling soft. It’s definitely a wise investment. 

Ps. You can read about where I got the furry backdrop and fairy lights in my pictures from here


6 thoughts on “Primark Beauty: Manuka Honey Hydrating hand cream review

  1. I’ll have to try this, I’m usually on the look out for things like this. I have a little tube of hand cream like this from Avon, I keep it in my college backs as it’s they’re the perfect size. I’ll have to get one of these, and like you said, can’t go wrong at £1!

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