Primark Haul: Beauty, Home and Clothing

Yesterday I headed to Primark and scoured the shelves. And yes I bought a lot. 

But amazingly, all of this only cost £29. 

Firstly, I naturally headed for the clothes section and I brought this floaty-sleeved top for £8

It doesn’t really photograph well- it’s a little more pink in person and obviously I will give it an iron before I wear it. 
I also bought these jeans which were in the sale and reduced from £15 to £5!

Next, I headed for the accessories. 

I loved this chunky, black belt which was only £2 and amazingly, this initial pendant necklace was just £1!  

The home section of Primark has really improved over the last few months- they have some amazing stuff. I could have splurged all of my money on the patterned pillows, jar candles and bedroom accessories! But instead I decided to invest in my blog pictures. 

I think this cream throw will provide the perfect backdrop to some of my pictures- especially of beauty products. It’s also really cosy and only cost £4!

I also thought these small fairy lights would be perfect to add a little glow to pictures and for £1.50- I couldn’t resist giving them a try. 

Again, I thought this note pad would be great for a backdrop accessory in pictures but I will definitely use it. I love stationery and this rose-gold and marble combination made this notebook a must at only £2.50. 

Finally, of course I headed to the beauty section. I got the PS Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes which was a twin pack for just £1- a must for those lazy evenings. 

I also got the PS Manuka Honey Hydrating hand cream which again was only £1- I’m so excited to try this! I’ve heard so many people rave about manuka honey and I’ve been desperate to invest in a hand cream. 

I also got the PS Amplif-eyed mascara which was only £2. 

And finally, I got the PS lip liner pencil in Scarlett, which again was only £1. 

So that’s my haul! I hope you enjoyed reading, look out for a blog post of first impressions of these beauty products- I’ll definitely let you know what they’re like. 


9 thoughts on “Primark Haul: Beauty, Home and Clothing

  1. I love all of these items, such a shame we don´t have Primark in Estonia. I´ve been three times and I´ve gone mental every single time haha. The hand cream and notebook are just to die for!

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