The truth about Real Techniques Makeup Sponges

For years I’ve heard about Real Techniques brushes. Everyone talked about how amazing the brushes were and before long, the makeup sponges came. I watched so many makeup tutorials where girls were using beauty blenders or the Real Techniques sponges to apply their foundation and all of them raved about their flawless coverage. But rather than invest in the Beauty Blender brand, I decided to put Real Techniques to the test and try their Miracle Complexion sponge. 

I loved it. I wet the sponge and squeezed out excess water before applying foundation. I had an absolutely flawless coverage… for a while. I read that it should be washed frequently- around once every week/two weeks. But I slacked with this. Soon enough my face was covered in pimples and spots. I refused to admit that the sponge had given me spots for a while, as I loved its coverage so much. But after becoming increasingly insecure about my skin, I decided it was time to give up. 

However, during the Black Friday deals, I pleaded to get the Real Techniques mega set for Christmas and to my joy- I got it. Like everyone had said, the brushes are amazing. They all blend perfectly. But with the brushes came two beauty blenders. The one, the Miracle Complexion sponge (the orange one), which I had tried previously, the other, the Miracle Sculpting sponge (the pink one). I stuck to the brushes for a short while but the blenders got to me. I had to try them again. And of course, I loved them. I have to admit, I preferred the Complexion sponge, to the Sculpting, purely due to its shape. 

But again, my skin broke out. After three days. Three days! For me, this was the end. I love the Real Techniques sponge coverage but my skin does not agree with it. Maybe if I properly washed the sponge everyday then my skin wouldn’t break out but honestly, I’m far too lazy. Maybe one day I won’t be, but right now- I’d rather use a foundation brush than have to wash and dry a sponge everyday or constantly break out. 

So that’s my makeup sponge love affair. I love the product but the product doesn’t love my skin. 


8 thoughts on “The truth about Real Techniques Makeup Sponges

  1. “i love the product but the product doesn’t love my skin” – oh goshhhh same story over here, although not with the sponges, just make up products in general sometimes its like I fall in love with the product but its just not doing anything for my sensitive skin 😩 the worst! Lovely post though! xx 💋

  2. Makeup sponges should be washed after EVERY use. That way bacteria can’t form from leftover makeup which will cause breakouts. I was my Beauty Blenders after every use (I have 4 so I only have to wash them every 4 days). I wash my eye brushes after every use as well. Face brushes get washed once a week (unless they’re really dirty, then sooner).

  3. i love these also! but i agree.. ( i mean i still use them) but i feel like i have to buy them so often because they get so dirty and i can never seem to really get them clean. hmm maybe they need to make a beauty sponge cleaner.. i’m talking something quick for after use.. an in between cleaner if you will. ( are you listening real techniques) :).. or does that exist.

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