Why I blog

I first started my blog in 2013 as a way to share my love for things. I started by writing about my favourite perfume, books and films. I enjoyed it, but blogging wasn’t something that people I knew did. And so I became preoccupied with life and slipped out of the habit. 

Last year, it was my New Year’s resolution to blog everyday. So I started blogging again and I really enjoyed it. But again I slipped out of the habit and only kept it up for about a month or two.  

Now, I’m giving it another go. I blog to share my experiences, opinions and most importantly- my writing. I’ve always loved writing and I’ve always wanted to publish my writing. In the past, I thought this could only come from getting my work in a magazine or newspaper. But now, I’ve learnt that blogging is a way to publish my writing myself and I like doing it. I’m not bothered if people I know aren’t blogging or if others don’t get why I blog. I write for me. I like to see my view counter increase. I like to spend time thinking of things to write about. I like sharing my writing with you. So that is why I blog. 


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