Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream review

Recently, after noticing a small patch of dry skin on my face, I decided to try using a night cream for the first time. I decided to try Simple’s ‘kind to skin vital vitamin night cream’. 

The night cream comes in a small pot and usually costs around £4.99. The pot states that it contains ‘2 vitamins, 4 skin loving ingredients and 0 no artificial perfume or colour’. The actual cream is a fairly thick formula which does feel a little greasy on your skin, but definitely feels effective. 

The cream states that it aims to ‘restore and replenish your skin’ and after using it every night for the past few weeks, I have noticed a difference. The cream has cleared my skin’s dryness completely and my face definitely feels softer. However, the cream does make my skin a little oily, so I’d say it’s not suited to oily skin.

In short, I like the night cream- it’s cheap, effective and replenishes my skin. 


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