This book will change your life

I’ve always really liked motivational and inspirational books. The seem to speak in a more direct and moving way than fiction. A couple of years ago I read Richard Newton’s The Little Book of Thinking Big. The book tells its reader to ‘aim higher and go further than they ever thought possible’. Last week I re-read the book and realised just how amazing it is. 
Newton claims there are ‘9 habits of thinking big’, which he defines as:

  1. ‘swim don’t float’
  2. ‘clear some (head) space’
  3. ‘feed your mind’
  4. ‘notice things’
  5. ‘change reality (… don’t deny it)’ 
  6. ‘have a big ego and a small ego’
  7. ‘know your weapon’
  8. ‘travel light’
  9. ‘… twang’.

The book divides these stages into 9 chapters and Newton explores them all. Each chapter is well written, illustrated and contains at least one inspirational quote. 
One of my favourite sections of the book is entitled ‘Being Vulnerable’. Newton talks about how, when you ‘think big’ you have to share your ambition and tell people that you are ‘thinking big’. This can make you feel vulnerable and this vulnerability provides the perfect place for critics. Newton states that people are bound to criticise your efforts and your attempts to ‘think big’. And I think this is true. 

When we’re a kid we’re told to ‘follow our dreams’ but when we reach a certain age it seems our ‘dreams’ have to fit what society sees as ‘right’ for us. Any ‘big thinking’ is criticised or looked down on. Newton talks about how some people become ‘stupid on purpose’, because they’re too scared to fulfil their potential. This may be because they don’t separate themselves from what Newton describes as a ‘vortex of garbage’. They don’t let themselves think BIG. 

In this book, Newton allows you to think big. He puts life into perspective and let’s you discover what you want to achieve in life. So if you’re looking for guidance, motivation or inspiration- look no further. And remember- think big!


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