In the Loose Women audience

When I was a kid and me and my mom used to travel to London, we always wanted to be in a TV audience. My mom applied for tickets but for almost every show you had to be over 18. This year, because I now live in London, and obviously am over 18, my mom applied for me to be in the audience for some TV shows. Because of high demand, we didn’t have much luck with most of the shows but we did get a response from Loose Women. 

So on Wednesday the 11th of January, me and my boyfriend (much to his dismay) headed to The London Studios. The ticket companies over-supply tickets due to people not turning up, so we arrived a little bit before we were due to go in. 

Outside of the studio, we had our bags searched and stood in a queue to go inside. There were plaques on the walls with celebrities’ hands and signatures (like the Hollywood walk of fame but more ITV walk of fame). 

When we headed inside, and saw pictures of all the different TV shows that shoot there like The Last Leg, The Jeremy Kyle Show, Lorraine and The Graham Norton Show (I even saw a box labelled ‘Graham Norton Red Chair Lever’). We walked into the studio and sat in our seats- hoping to be tucked up in a corner but we ended up being sat on the second row! 

Before the show started there was a ‘hype man’- yes, a hype man for Loose Women. He came on and talked to the audience, got them to practice their ‘oooo’s and ‘ahhh’s and kept insisting that we were ‘the fifth loose woman’. Finally, after half an hour of giggling and cringing, the show began. Kaye Adams, Jane Moore, Katie Price and Ruth Langsford walked on to the set and took their seats while we clapped. The huge cameras moved around the studio as Ruth read from the tele-promoter. 

During the recording, there were a few things I noticed:

Ruth Langsford is definitely in charge

Show wise, Ruth is the boss. Obviously there was a TV producer keeping everything running and talking on some out of date walkie talkie, but on screen, it was Ruth keeping the show running. She was the one reading her notes, reading the tele-prompter and keeping things running smoothly.

The make up is intense

Obviously on TV you can tell that people are wearing a lot of makeup but you notice it a lot more in real life. Katie was even having makeup and hair top ups in the ad breaks. 

Most of the audience reaction is the hype man

On TV it’s hard to tell but in the studio, most of the audience reaction is the hype man, he is far louder than the rest of the audience put together. If he laughs, oooh’s or ahhhh’s the audience join in. But he is definitely the loudest and most over the top audience member. 

The women don’t really interact with the audience

Obviously the women get used to being in front of an audience so they don’t really react much to everyone being there. Kaye Adams interacted most- joining in with the singing of happy birthday to an audience member and talking to others. 

All in all it was a good day, it was really interesting to see how a live show is run. The top of my head even got on the tele. 

Photo credit to ITV. 


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