Visit: Brighton

This week I had the pleasure of spending two days in Brighton. I’d never been before so my expectations were built entirely upon associations. I knew about the pier, I knew it was fairly cosmopolitan and most importantly, I knew there was a beach. 

We arrived in the morning and the first thing I realised was how small Brighton is. We walked from the train station, through the main town to the sea front in around 15 minutes. We sat on the beach and I realised how relaxing it is. It almost feels as if life’s pace slows down as the waves hit the pebble beach.

The seafront was unique for its beach hut-shops, fresh fish stalls and boats on display. Unfortunately, as it was a Wednesday, some shops weren’t open but there was local artists’ work and wood-carved furniture for sale. 

We headed to our room next. We stayed at The Brighton Hotel, a three star on the seafront, not far from the main town. When we arrived we were told we had a free upgrade to a deluxe room with a sea view! 

The hotel was perfect, we had a huge bed, sofa, desk and chairs in our room with a full bathroom. In the morning we enjoyed a full English breakfast for only £10 extra, which was delicious. If you’re headed to Brighton, definitely look at staying here and consider the sea view rooms- it’s so worth it to watch the sunrise over the sea from your bed. 

We walked along the pier- which was huge. It seemed bigger than any other pier I’ve walked along. There was more than just kid amusements, with restaurants, bars and shops.

We also walked around Brighton’s town and visited Brighton’s famous ‘lanes’ – which are basically small, twisted streets with tucked in shops. 

All in all, Brighton has a lot to offer, shops, a pier and of course, a seafront. Sitting on the pebble beach was amazing. For a relaxing weekend away, Brighton is the place for you. 


4 thoughts on “Visit: Brighton

  1. I love Brighton and would like to spend more time there once I’ve graduated from university. I feel so tied down to one place at the moment, can’t wait to travel more. I am going to Amsterdam at the end of the month so I’m super excited to take some lovely photos when I’m there. Sorry just started rambling my thoughts there haha, thanks for posting I enjoyed reading it 🙂 xxx

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