What is Hygge?

Autumn saw the rise of the Brits adopting ‘Hygge’ from the Danes. Hygge, pronounced ‘Hoo-gah’ (apparently) is being mentioned more and more in British culture and is something I have a huge interest in. 

‘Hygge’ doesn’t exactly translate to anything in English. It’s closest translation may be ‘cosy’. But in Denmark, it’s everywhere. Hygge coffee shops, hygge lighting, hygge furniture, you can even have a hygge conversation. 

The Danes have repeatedly been named the most happy nation in the world and many theorists are linking it to their unique concept of ‘Hygge’. Due to the Danes having very few summery days, they’ve learnt to embrace the dark, winter climate. Hygge is about comfort on those dark days. It’s about savouring a tasty hot chocolate in your favourite mug, it’s about cosy candles being the only soft light in the room, it’s about homemade stews and sweet sticky comfort foods. Hygge is about cooking meals with your partner, having a family evening and relaxing in a cosy environment. 

Since learning about the concept of Hygge, I’ve introduced it to my life and have definitely seen the benefits. Cooking with someone is certainly more enjoyable than cooking alone. Having candles on is much cosier than having bright lights on. Having a hot drink under a blanket is much more relaxing than downing your takeaway Costa on the way home. If you need an extra winter warmer in these dark and dreary months, look to Hygge. 

If you’re interested in learning more, I recently read a great book about Hygge called ‘The Little Book of Hygge, The Danish Way To Live Well’ by Meik Wiking, which I would highly recommend. If you’re looking for comfort, look no further than a little Hygge time. 


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