Uni Student Money Saving Hacks

Food shopping

Good shopping is all about ease.  None of us want to spend half an hour commuting to get our groceries. But, if what’s close to you is ‘Little Waitrose’ or ‘M&S Food’ you may be paying a little more for your average product. The hack here, is to go at specific times. Go as late as you possibly can before the shop shuts. Everything will be reduced. Items can be as cheap as a few pennies. It’s always worth doing an evening trip, especially if you’re buying dinner for that night. 


We’ve all been there, you get your reading list and you need 50 books. Obviously, looking on Amazon or EBay will give you better prices than your high street shops. But a website that I’ve only recently discovered is abebooks.co.uk. Search any book and they’ll find the cheapest price from independent book sellers around the world. You get a good deal and support independent businesses. 


If you’re cutting costs, don’t spend £5 on lunch at your local uni cafe. Bring a packed lunch. When money has been tight, I’ve been known to pack a sandwich rather than buying overpriced products. 

Skip the Starbucks

Yes, it’s a nice treat but if you need to cut costs, skipping the daily Starbucks or at least cutting it down to once a week will help. Those little £3.99 spends add up. Invest in a flask and bring your own coffee for a cheaper alternative. 

Those are a few money-saving hacks I’ve used in the past. They may not sound life-changing but trust me, every little helps. 


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