Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo Review

I’ve been an avid Batiste dry shampoo user for years, but I’ve only recently used the XXL Volume Edition. Here’s what I thought:

Grease-covering ability:

I’d rate this dry shampoo’s grease-covering ability at around 3/5. Out of all the Batiste dry shampoos I have used, this is probably the one that works the least well at removing hair grease. 


I’d rate this dry shampoo’s volume-enhancing ability at 5/5. It definitely increases hair volume and thickness, without needing much product. It gives my hair much more of an oomph. 


This dry shampoo does make brushing your hair a little difficult. It almost sticks your hair together in one big, voluminous lump. It’s not bad, but it definitely makes it difficult to brush your hair. For that I’d give its brush-ability a 2/5. 

Overall, this dry shampoo is perfect as a volume-enhancing product. It will boost and thicken your locks like there’s no tomorrow. However, if you’re looking for something to really de-grease your hair, Batiste’s usual dry shampoos are better than this XXL edition. 


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