5 ways to wind down

In such a fast paced world, it can be so difficult to relax, but it is so so important. Taking time out to wind down is necessary for mental wellbeing. I always make time for stress-relief/relaxation, here’s a few things I do:

Light candles that smell nice

Candles are known for being relaxing, but lately I’ve realised that the smell of a candle is just as important as the cosy light it produces. Pick a candle with a strong, comforting smell, it will fill the room and instantly make you feel more relaxed. 

Go for a slow walk

I’m fortunate enough to live near Hyde park and Kensington gardens and when I feel that I need a break, I love taking a long walk over there. Breathing the fresh air, slowly walking, sitting on a bench and taking in the surroundings is so relaxing. 

Take a bath

Unfortunately I’m limited to a tiny shower at uni! But when I’m home, I love to take a long relaxing bath, with bubbles of course. Baths are so relaxing and perfect for unwinding. 

Get cosy with a blanket

I have two cosy, soft black blankets in my flat and I love nothing more than tucking up under them on the sofa and watching TV. If you don’t have a cosy blanket you should seriously consider investing, it’s so relaxing to cuddle something comfy after a long day. 


Now, I’m no expert at this, but whenever I’ve done it, I’ve felt soooo relaxed. I had a phase of meditating everyday but didn’t keep up with it, but I aim to get back into meditation. Meditating is all about freeing your mind of life’s stresses and worries. It’s good for winding down, particularly if something is troubling you. 

Don’t feel guilty about taking some time out for unwinding, it’s important and always improves your mood. 


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