The best cheap concealer in the UK

For a while, I haven’t actually using any concealer. I have never been impressed enough by a concealer to keep buying it. When I had blemishes (which believe me, I did), I felt content with the full coverage foundation I was using. But I recently watched a makeup tutorial and saw someone using the Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear concealer. Knowing that this was a drugstore brand and wouldn’t cost me much to test, I decided to try it out. 


The colour was the first thing I noticed. Maybe it’s due to the shade I brought, cool medium, but it has quite pinky undertones. I was quite worried that I’d just end up with thick pink circles under my eyes. However, the concealer blends really well, so colour wasn’t an issue. 



The formula is fairly thick but it’s not extreme. Is doesn’t go cakey on your face or look thick on top of foundation. 



This concealer’s coverage is amazing. Just a small amount takes away any discolouring around my eyes. Dark circles wise- they can still be seen ever so slightly, but the concealer definitely reduces their appearance. 



As I have already mentioned, this concealer blends really well. It is completely unnoticeable, it simply covers all the little blemishes you don’t want to be seen. 


Overall I’d give this concealer 4/5, it’s great value and is definitely the best concealer I have ever used. 


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