Review: Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water

Despite my love of make up, I’d never taken much thought about my skincare routine. After a brief obsession with face scrubs, moisturisers, and spots treatments, I became content with St. Ives gentle apricot face scrub. But many breakouts later, I ditched the scrub and stuck to washing my face with soap and removing my make up with face wipes. 

I’d seen Micellar Water everywhere, it seemed everyone was talking about the miraculous wonder product that provided an easy skincare solution. Garnier’s product had rave reviews and after it won product of the year, I decided to invest.


The product claims to remove make up, moisturise and cleanse skin whilst suiting all skin types. The formula contains micelles, which are molecules contained within the water. These micelles are attracted to dirt and impurities; the micelles cling to these impurities and remove them from your skin. This means micellar water is quicker, easier and more effective at cleaning your skin than an intensive cleanse, tone and moisturise routine.


The formula is a clear, thin liquid- water and is really easy to use. Simply apply the product to cotton wool pads and wipe your face. There’s no need for washing the product off, as the formula dries on your skin, making micellar water an easy, quick fix.


Micellar water is the perfect product, it replaces cleansers, toners and moisturisers, it’s quick, easy and effective and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. A must have for an easy skincare routine. 5/5


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