What is HIIT?

Over the past few years ‘HIIT’ has been incessantly thrown around the fitness world. You’ll have no doubt heard ‘HIIT burns more calories’, ‘HIIT is brilliant’ and HIIT pioneer The Body Coach Joe Wicks’s slogan ‘lean in 15’. But what does this all mean? ‘HIIT’ stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This means working to your highest intensity for a short period of time, taking a short break and then working to your highest intensity again. 

Workouts usually last between 15 to 30 minutes, meaning you can skip the hour long gym session and avoid a £30 a month membership. HIIT is all about getting your heart rate up, sweating and burning that fat. 

The aforementioned Body Coach, Wicks’s fitness plan discourages incessant calorie counting with HIIT, insisting that your body needs more fuel with HIIT as you actually continue burning calories after you’ve finished working out. He encourages refuelling your body and NOT omitting calories from your diet. 

Interested? Wicks’s 90 fitness plan comes in at £147 and includes a full lifestyle plan. However, you can try out many HIIT sessions for free on his YouTube channel TheBodyCoachTV. HIIT is intense, quick and most importantly rewarding. Try it yourself.

Photo credit: @thebodycoach Twitter 


2 thoughts on “What is HIIT?

  1. Yes, this HIIT program seems to be a very popular fitness regimen. While being apart of the fitness industry, I have yet to hear from anyone any lack of interest in it. Although it works & I prefer this over long distance running. I also believe this regimen cannot be for all ages. In my opinion, it is turning into a mainstream fad that people are throwing around all in the name of high intensity. Before you know it, something better will happen and everyone will forget this, but for now.. I am enjoying its use. 🙂


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