Review: Palmer’s Fake Tan Natural Bronze

After going a couple of years without fake tan, recently I got particularly sick of looking at my milk bottle skin. After being advised by a friend of a good fake tan, I purchased Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze tan in light, having no previous knowledge of the product. 

Before application, I exfoliated but didn’t moisturise, assuming the moisture-based fake tan would be enough. Palmer’s was the thinnest fake tan I’ve ever used, the formula felt just the same as moisturiser. This created an easy application, it’s spreads just the same as a moisturiser does and doesn’t take long to blend. The biggest bonus for me was the smell, for once it didn’t smell like biscuits. Instead, Palmer’s leaves your skin with a hint of cocoa butter. 

The next day I felt orange, the ‘natural bronze’ was intense, but over the next few days, as the tan began to fade I did have a more natural glow. The tan was also streak free, something I’d never had from any other fake tan. Since then I’ve had a few mishaps and a few uneven areas, but they were on my part, fake tanning takes getting used to. 

For now, Palmer’s Natural Bronze is now my go-to fake tan. I wouldn’t risk using another one. As I develop an application style, I think Palmer’s Natural Bronze will get better and better. 


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