Waist Trainer: First Impressions

Waist trainers have been gaining hysteria over the past few months, from Kardashian promotion to exaggerated headlines. After seeing endless Instagram posts and tweets promoting and ridiculing them, I decided to give one a try. Seeing they were only 99p on eBay, I ordered one. I went for size small, as I’m usually a size 6 in tops but didn’t want to underestimate my size. This turned out to be fine, even the largest hook needed a pull to tuck my waist in.

After squeezing into it, the tightness relaxed. Not wanting to overindulge in crushing my stomach, I only kept the corset on for 20 minutes. But I did see a slight enhancement, more from my stomach than my waist (it actually showed my abs). However, I found it very irritating. It was so tight that I couldn’t sit comfortably and got bored of standing upright waiting for effects. 

If you are buying one, don’t bother spending a fortune. On eBay it costs less than a coffee. Also make sure to read some facts about them, there’s some here. They are in no way a permanent solution and if you stop using them, your waist will return to normal. Instead, natural waist slimming exercises such as burpees, bicycle crunches and planking will define your waist, if, like any exercise, you keep doing them. 

In short, waist trainers aren’t really that great. They may ‘suck’ your fat in for a short time, but that fat is still there and will become visible again. I may use mine again occasionally, but I’m in no way an advocate. Exercise all the way. Even if planks are hell on Earth.


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