Review: The ‘First Dates’ Restaurant: The Paternoster Chop House

Last night I visited the ‘First Dates’ restaurant the Paternoster Chop House with my boyfriend for our anniversary. I was so excited to visit the place I watch on TV every week for a meal with my favourite person. 

The restaurant had a relaxed ambience, with people chatting, some in suits, some in jeans, the place not being too elaborate or too ‘every-day’. With mood lighting throughout, and a vibrant buzz between guests, every table was filled, despite it being a weekday. 


We ordered from the set menu, meaning we had a three course meal for £25 each. The choices were naturally more limited, but with five options for the starter, main and dessert, I had no complaints. The set menu is a steal considering the standard of the food and restaurant. I ordered ham hock with poached egg and baby gem lettuce to start, cod fillet with caramelised onions and red peppers as my main and dark chocolate brownie with salted caramel ice cream for dessert. All of which I highly recommend. The portion sizes were fairly small but posed well due to the three courses, each being just enough tide you over until the next. Drinks were not included in the set menu and cocktails were around £10 each, so I instead opted for a modest glass of rosé for £5.

‘First Dates’ isn’t really an accurate portrayal of the restaurant. The room was surprisingly dark, as it lacked the TV glow of camera lighting. There were around 10 waiters running around rather than two stood chatting in front of a camera. The usual barman was replaced with around three, befitting the mass of people. And to our dismay, we weren’t greeted by french Fred when we walked in. It seems ‘First Dates’ use the restaurant as a set, with no real additions from the Paternoster Chop House. 
Walking out after the meal, we were greeted with St Paul’s Cathedral, which was breathtaking. The area is surrounded with restaurants, cocktail bars and cafés all within walking distance of one of London’s most iconic buildings. Even if the Paternoster Chop House isn’t for you, the area is bound to cater to your taste. 


The Paternoster Chop House is my favourite ever restaurant, the night was so special and I definitely recommend paying a visit. 


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