Things I’ve learnt about university

1) It’s a lot more intense than A-Levels.

At A-Level, I had the whole year to complete three pieces of coursework which totalled to about 3000 words. Now I have essays every few weeks, usually equalling around 3000 words each time.

2) There is SO much reading

My English Literature degree may be worse than others but the reading list seems endless. There’s the preliminary reading, secondary reading, novels, poems, plays. I feel like I’m expected to have my head in a book every waking minute.

3) There is so much to get involved in

From volunteering to uni sports to societies to student media to extra classes, you’re not short of options and can fill your days with endless activities. Or not.

4) You have to push yourself

How much time you spend studying is up to you. If you don’t read the book for your lecture, nothing will happen. You’ll just have an awkward seminar where you pretend to know what’s going on. No one tells you how much work you should be doing, you have to find a balance for yourself.

5) It’s really hard to get a First

You can put all that extra effort in to improve from your previous low 2:1 essay and you’ll still get a 2:1. There’s a 10 mark jump from a 2:1 (60-70 marks) and a First (70+). Meaning your work has to vastly improve to reach the peak.


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