The importance of compliments and encouragement

Being alive in the 21st century consists of viewing people’s ‘better’ lives through social media. You scroll through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and are presented with the portrait of someone’s ‘perfect’ life. They know their selfie lighting, have the most flattering filter imaginable and on the whole appear to have a better life than you.
In this age of constant posting on social media, people make comparisons. Every post appears to depict how great someone’s life is or how great they look or how great what they’re doing is. Leading to people comparing their reality to the perfectly constructed hyper-reality of others. This inevitably leads to insecurities, as we don’t have Valencia filters over our lives. We need to be kind to one another as we exist in this time of heightened comparison. ‘Likes’ feel like a competition I don’t remember entering.

People are always on their phones, always on social media, always seeing the highlight wheel of someone else’s life and comparing it to their complete picture. We need to be sensitive and encouraging of each other in a time of low self confidence and body positivity. Encourage someone in the hope that they will encourage you.


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