The One

In life you realise there is ‘one’. You meet the one and you may not realise it, not at first. You’re shy, occupied with trivialities, both busy in your lives. You meet later, if you’re lucky. You begin to learn this person isn’t like others you’ve met. They teach you about yourself, they push you, challenge you, comfort you, understand you more than anyone before. A switch flicks in your brain and a trail of realisation begins. You become enraptured by this person, they’re entrapped in your mind, your actions, your beliefs, your everything. They become your everything. Soon enough things drift away, past friendships, forgotten dreams, bad habits and the one changes you. The one helps you become the best version of yourself. You love like you’ve never loved before, you feel loved like you’ve never felt before, you do things you’ve never done before. You care for someone, help them, guide them, learn from them, teach them, please them, love them. The one becomes your priority and you realise the only dream you have is a future with this person. Your only aim in life is to make the one happy, happy with you. I met the one and didn’t realise it at first. But today I honour my one, on his birthday. You have given me everything I could have ever dreamed of and more. You are the light of my life, the happiness in my days, the reason I get up every morning. You give me purpose, strength, joy, knowledge, confidence. You are the air, the sun, the earth, everything to me. Nothing would exist without you. I smile everyday as I think of our future, the ever growing happiness between us soaring. I know I’ve found the one because I want you every day, for the rest of my days. I love you George, Happy 20th Birthday.


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