Where is ‘home’ when you’re at uni?

Since I started university in September I’ve felt at home living in London, but there’s always an ache for my hometown, my real home. I felt sort of as if I’m in limbo- torn between my childhood home and uni home. I’ve begun to conclude that in reality, I have two homes now. My term time home and ‘holiday’ home. The West Midlands may not be everyone’s ideal ‘holiday’ but for me it possesses something that other locations do not.

I think many students feel as though they’re divided between their university lives and home lives. For me, clarity only formed through acceptance of the differing two. I live one life in my home town and one life in London. Both of which I love. In a way we’re lucky, as uni students we have two homes, (hopefully) both as enjoyable and comforting. The transition between home and uni may be difficult at times but proves to be so much more exciting.


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