David Tennant as Hamlet review

Gregory Doran’s Hamlet TV movie (2009) stars national treasure David Tennant. The film breaks the fourth cinematic wall as the characters speak directly into camera. Meaning Hamlet’s monologues are all the more emotional as Tennant performs them directly to you, the audience. The actor’s natural energy and enthusiasm are brought to the brooding, melancholic character of Hamlet. But somehow this works. Tennant exaggerates Hamlet’s gloominess and antic disposition in the way we imagine Hamlet actually would. Doran’s directing style aid this through many extreme close ups on Tennant, establishing Hamlet’s emotions at the forefront of importance.

Despite the film’s length (it lasts for 3 hours), the BBC production feels true to the original play, with the obvious omission of security cameras and camcorders. Tennant is the perfect Hamlet and Doran portrays a realistic Shakespearean setting.


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