In defence of wearing make up at the gym

I joined the gym about a year ago and have been a fairly committed member ever since. When I first joined, I worried about social expectations within gyms. Particularly regarding physical appearance. Should I be wearing designer Lycra? Do I have to have trainers that look good? Should I be wearing make up? I decided eventually that it was up to me. Yes, I did want to wear lycra. No, it would not be designer. No, my trainers would not look good. And yes, I did want to wear make up.

Since I was a child I’ve always been conscious of my pink skin tone and particularly of how red my face gets. I’ve always invested in balancing the colour of my face and I knew my face would be at its reddest when I was working out.

I wore make up to the gym on my first day, I still do now and don’t intend on stopping anytime soon. Yes, it may take me longer to get ready. Yes, I may develop more spots from sweating with make up on. But I choose that. I choose it over being self conscious, most likely too self conscious to even go to the gym.

Essentially, no one cares if you are wearing make up at the gym. Some people wear it, some don’t. It’s up to you.  And me.


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