Taylor Swift Hyde Park Review

On Saturday I ventured to Hyde Park to join 65,000 people for the 1989 experience. Swift commenced with ‘Welcome To New York’, a set complete with street-styled props and acrobatic dancers. The crowd ruptured into a hysterical ‘fangirl’ frenzy as tears of devotion drenched cheeks.
I first fell in love with Taylor through ‘Love Story’, the sweet alternate Romeo and Juliet ending naturally appealing to me. But over the years, I’ve become aware of the ‘taboo’ to like Taylor Swift. I’m assuming (and I can only assume) that this is because she’s not considered ‘cool’ enough. She’s not throwing her (almost) endless ‘dollar’ around and twerking up some ‘hot-shot’ rapper. Which is apparently cool.

It never stops surprising me how infrequently I hear someone say that they enjoy dancing around their room to Taylor’s uplifting lyrics. Who wouldn’t like that? She is singing songs that relate to you and encourage you. How can this not excite you?
Across the course of the evening, we were subject to Swift’s thoughtfully prepared speeches. She filled Hyde Park with smiles through her kind, yet simple words. With phrases like ‘you are your own definition of beautiful.’ Simple. But things like that aren’t heard everyday. They are rarely ever heard. And the sweet words overwhelmed me. Leaving me constantly watery-eyed.
Of course, as this is Swift, the evening continuously incorporated love. However, this being the key difference in 1989 to her other albums, there was an aura of independence. During ‘Style’, Swift was joined on stage by her celebrity pals; Karlie Kloss, Martha Hunt, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Serena Williams and Cara Delevingne. Swift encouraged the crowd to cheer her friends. There was a female empowerment theme also during a pre-recorded backstage video of Swift’s friends speaking of the importance of female friendships.
The night involved tears, smiles and cheers. This isn’t the first and is certainly not the last time I will subject myself to some Swift swooning.


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